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Inspired by Max Böck.

Here I show off the blogs I read the most, and from them I learn the most. Currently, I'm discovering new interesting blogs, like on a daily basis, so this list is most probably going to grow.

Chris Ferdinandi

Chris is the vanilla JS guy, who explains even more complicated stuff in a really simple and approachable way.

Jake Archibald

Jake is a comedian, uh, no... Developer, or both? Nonetheless, he writes and talks about the newest and coolest stuff in frontend development.

Manuel Matuzovic

Manuel writes a lot about CSS and how it is often underestimated. His articles are often very impressive.

Marcus Herrmann

Marcus is a specialist for accessibility in combination with frontend Frameworks like React and Vue.

Max Böck

Max writes about concepts and strategies in web development and gets you in the right mindset with sometimes more personal posts.

Mike Riethmuller

Mike writes about the basics/fundamentals of CSS and JavaScript.

Sāra Soueidan

Sāra is the person for accessibility, SVG's and markup in general!

Tania Rascia

Tania writes articles that dive real deep into a topic, about many entirely different topics like React, PHP and Authentication.

Zach Leatherman

Zach is the one who build the foundation for this Page, 11ty, and made, at least for me, the IndieWeb big.